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 Post subject: Age of Conan Newbie Guide
PostPosted: Sat May 24, 2008 7:24 pm 
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*** 1. Basic commands and options people seem to miss ***

Note: all commands assume you are using the default key bindings)
-There is no auto attack. Attacking is done by pressing keys 1-3, as long as you are using the default bindings.
-Alt-F10 and /camp both take you back to the login screen, despite the game saying that it is exiting. If you ARE in fact exiting the game when using those commands, you need to be reporting it.
-Fatalities are done by killing someone with a combo. There is a small chance to do one, but people seem to get more with critical hits (not confirming this, just informing).
-You climb by sheathing your weapon (the \ key, not the ~ key), standing next to a climbing point, and pushing the U key. Climbing in the current beta build does not require you to invest in the climbing skill, merely that you have it (0/200 skill and I can climb anything I come across).
-Hiding (stealth) gets better the more points you invest in the skill. Press H to hide. Hiding with 0 skill will not work at all. Also, attempting to hide next to a light source does not work well.
-Your friends list will keep appearing. No way to fix it that I have found. Also, it will pop up whenever someone else adds you as a friend. That is what all those names are that are randomly appearing on it. They disappear from YOUR list if you log out.
-Use /cc addbuddy name to add people to your friend's list.
-You can set a quest as your current quest (actively tracking) by double clicking the quest objective (an X or a hashed area) on the map.
-J brings up your quest log. You can set a quest as active through it by simply selecting the quest from the list on the left tab.
-You access the skills tab by pushing P. Click the + and - keys in the top right pane to invest in skills. You get more as you level up.
-You access the feats tab by pushing N. It will also gain a tab at the top of the screen at level 10. You cannot invest in feats until level 10, when you get your first feat point.
-You cannot play with other players in Night Mode. It is single player ONLY.
-You can get your coordinates by hitting the F9 key, then looking under the 'System' chat window.
-The world appears to be heavily instanced. If you're grouped with someone and they aren't standing next to you, use /instanceselection, and BOTH of you need to choose the same instance to go to. It was already stated by the devs that bringing them into your instance will NOT always work.
-Emotes are done by typing /emote and hitting Tab to bring up a list. If you know the full name of the emote, you can also just type it in manually. Yes, there are some emotes that don't work.

*** 2. Starting off, shipwrecked to entering Tortage ***

-I don't care what your questlog initially said, the slave master does not have the gate key. Read your new questlog, and you'll see you now have to kill a demon.
-You cannot enter the city of Tortage while wearing your slave bindings. Do the quest from the guard at the gate to ultimately get them removed.
-The quarry for the stonebricks is north east of the quest giver. Seriously. Open your map and look at the giant orange X. Now go to it and pick up bricks.
-Sometimes, a demon will spawn when you pick up a brick. This does not happen every time. I went through four characters before my fifth finally had it spawn for me.

*** 3. Exploring Tortage to starting single player ***

-There are weapon and armor vendors at the smithy to the left as you enter Tortage. They also show up as a stack of coins icon on your mini and main maps.
-There is a guy on the docks during the day that will fix your feats. Currently requires no money. Spells learned through feats will stay on your hotbars, but will not be usable unless you invest feat points in them again.
-Nadini does not appear during the daytime. Stop looking for her.
-There are a good 20-30 quests available in Tortage. If someone has a grayed out ! above their heads, you're not high enough in level to get a quest from them. Questgivers appear on the mini and main maps as a small ! icon.
-If it is your first time doing so, you go into night mode (single player) by talking to Tina in the Thirsty Dog Inn. Select the first option TWICE (you know, the one that says Night Mode next to it). Telling her you don't want to wait there, or just saying goodbye, will NOT advance the game to night mode.

*** 4. Awakening I and Letter to the King I ***

-You switch between day and night by talking to your trainer (i.e. the person Nadini sends you back to the Thirsty Dog to talk to). Select the option about adventuring with others TWICE.
-Nadini's house is at 1037.6, 663.5.
-The ladder for the stealth archetype quest is not the one behind the whorehouse. If you see/had to kill 4 guards next to a ladder, you are AT THE WRONG LADDER.
-The correct ladder for the stealth archetype quest is at 962.5, 638.2. This is directly west from Nadini's house. Go up a flight of stairs and go to the back of the courtyard. The ladder is about 3 stories tall, and on the side of a house at the back.
-The Sneak after Arias quest requires you to go into hide mode, and then approaching him from across the bridge. This will start the cutscene that advances the quest.
-When you are going to question the guy at the top of the volcano, turn around before you actually start the conversation. Two enemies have spawned behind you, and will kill you during the conversation if you don't deal with them before starting it. The named mob will not help them until after you talk to him.

*** 5. Awakening II and Letter to the King II ***

-The second half of the Destiny quest available in Open Beta REQUIRES THAT YOU BE LEVEL 10 TO START. You know, it only tells you this in the quest description.
-The Poor Town quest for the healing archetype is completable. If the boy will not talk to you, leave the area (walk over to the Thirsty Dog or something) and come back. You can also try clicking on the door near where he first appeared, but this doesn't seem to work for everyone.
-You do not have to keep all the citizens alive for the second part of the healing archetype Poor Town quest, despite the quest description sounding otherwise. I finished it with three still alive, and you might only neeed to keep one alive. In fact, I'm fairly certain it's downright impossible with the limited spells and feats you have available at this point.


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 Post subject: Re: Age of Conan Newbie Guide
PostPosted: Sun May 25, 2008 3:41 pm 
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I enjoyed reading this. Hopefully when i am able to play i will remember this.

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