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 Post subject: Guilds
PostPosted: Mon Jun 05, 2006 11:00 am 
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What does it take to create a new guild?
    All you need to form a guild is 500,000 gold. There is no requirement of other players present to create or maintain a guild.

How many people can join a guild?
    Initially, 15. Each time the guild is upgraded, the maximum guild population increases.

How does a guild level?
    A combination of guild points earned and gold allow you to upgrade your guild. Guild points are generated from each skill point any given player generates, in a one to one ratio.

What do you get for advancing the guild?
    While you get the already mentioned increase in maximum members, you also get guild bank functionality, guild quests, and other little perks.

    Check back later for a complete list.

How do I invite someone to the guild?
    While targetting the player, press the U key to bring up the guild management window and click the "Joining" button. Yeah, it's Englinese...

How do I leave a guild?
    Probably the most confusing task that most incur while dealing with guilds is leaving. To leave your guild, you must go to a guild NPC and use the withdraw from guild selection in the menu. Also, you could ask any guild officer to remove you as well.

How do I remove someone from my guild then if they ask or if their name is Waffle?
    Pressing the U key to bring up the managemetn window, target their name and click "Withdraw" to ban them from the guild.

When at the guild NPC, there is a vote for new leader option. Does this mean I can be over turned?
    Absoutely not. As with many MMORPGs, if players really want different leadership, they should go create a new guild.

    However, what this does do is if you do not login for 45 days, members have the option of selecting a new leader. Thus, guild's do not completely go stagnant due to the leader quitting without passing the role down.

    If you have a correction, would like to complete an unanswered question or another question not listed here pertaining to character creation, please submit it by cllicking here.

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