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 Post subject: Character Development
PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2006 1:43 pm 
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This guide is half-complete and non-edited...

Why is it important to plan your character?
    Silkroad Online is different from most other MMORPGs. In Silkroad Online, or SRO, there are no classes. Therefore, each person is built on the same principals but models their skills to be how they desire, creating virtual classes. Items to retract points not well spent are very experience, a timely quest or requiring you to buy Silk through the Item Mall. While only skill points are retractable, stat points are not.

What factors should I consider when planning my character build?
    You should first consider what type of character you want to play. Do you want to be a hack n' slasher? A magic-missile firing mofo? A priest? Or maybe a tree hugging ranger? Playing a character you enjoy is essential.

I want to be a hack n' slasher. What now?
    From here, you need to pick a playing style for fighting. Essentially, there are two base warrior types. There is a blade and shield warrior and a glaive warrior. Obviously, the blade-shield combo is going to be higher defensive and lower damage than the glaive. That doesn't mean you can't do both but we advise against it for a brute physical attack player. Hence, make a choice.

    A blade will use the Bicheon skill set as their primary skill of choice. A blade user will put out much less damage but take less as well, using less potions and costing less to play. Thus, blade users typically excel in PvP battle when combined with proper playing skills. You will advance 150 out of your 300 total skill points into your Bicheon skill. You need to max out your passive skills. Your 4 and 5 hit combo abilities will be the core of your PvP ability.

    A glaive will use the Heuksal skill set as their primary skill of choice. Glaive users produce high close range damage, giving glaive users the ability to level faster. You will advance 150 out of your 300 total skill points into your Heuskal skill. The glaive needs to max out all passive skills as well as any skill with a damage increase over 200%.

    Both of these will have a secondary magic focus in Fire, spending another 100 mastery points into fire. The remaining 50 mastery points will be eventually spent in lightning, for speed.

    Both blade and glaive users will spend all their free stat points in strength. Since strength effects both hit points and damage, it's a double winner and there is absolutely no need to put a single point into intelligence. It is very important not to put points into intelligence

I want to be a magic-missile man. What now?
    The magic-missile man is the highest damage output character in the game. Two different types of nukers can be made as well. The one-handed and the two-handed weapon nukers. However, it is possible to do both with magic.

    By leveling skills in multiple weapons to skill of 20, you can interchange weapons on the fly based on the situation with virtually no loss. By only using 40 mastery points in weapon skills, we can master two forces. I recommend taking fire, the highest damaging element to 150 mastery and lightning to 100.

    In fire skills, magic-missile men should max out all skills except the wall series, making skill selections easy. Lightning should be done in a similar fashion, picking up the speed increases and high damaging hits.

    While an excellent addition to the group, a nuker lacks in one PvP aspect: if a nuke is blocked, the tides are turned. Even with this ability, a magic based fighter always has the advantage, as long as he or she gets the first hit.

    Magic based players should put all points into intelligence. As bas you may want hit points, do not spend any points in strength, as you only weakening your magical abilities.

I want to be a priest. What now?
    Healing players are the absolute hardest to manage in the game. Due to the lack of PvP ability being offset by potions, the healer in SRO is like you'd expect in any other (not including World of Gaycraft) game...weak. However, you will have many friends.

    The healer should take up a one-handed skill set for the extra defense. A healer can spend 150 of the 300 mastery points in healing or be slightly hybrid, spending about 100.

    The remaining points can be spent in a magical based line, preferably fire for extra damage, or physical line for the extra lifespan.

    A healer should spend points in a 2:1 ratio of Intelligence to Strength. While it may be advisable to place them all in intelligence for the fact of being a magical healer, you can manage with the extra hit points as well being a support class. This totally depends on your selection and playing style.

I want to be a archer. What now?
    Most players do not realize it but all archers should be strength builds. While it is very possible to make a potent hybrid with a bowyer, I wouldn't recommend it. The complexity of the build is too much for these FAQ's.

    Our recommendation will be a strength only based build, focusing on the Pacheon skill set. Half of the mastery points should be spent in this line. You will need to max out all your passive abilities as well as your hawk line. For damage, Anti-devil bow and strongbow, as well as some hit-combo abilities, will suffice.

    The remaining mastery skill points should be used in fire, for the excellent damage and buffs. Many archers would attempt to run the cold route but with the pill system, I would personally stick to fire. Remaining points could be placed into cold if you absolutely must but I would once again recommend lightning for the speed.

    Like the hack and slash, you should spend all points in strength, placing none in intelligence. Mana will be a problem but that's nothing that potions can't fix.

I messed up my skill points and want to learn more about removing abilities. Any help?
    You can buy the 5 charge removers from the item mall for just over three dollars. Otherwise, there is the quest.

    The curst heart quest involves accepting a quest after level 20 from any herbalist. Items to complete this quest will then drop from any monster while you level. For each ten hearts you get, you will get one potion to remove a skill level when you turn them in. Even though the quest says you can only get 200 at once, you can collect as many as you can hold before turning them into the herbalist. To use a potion, you must have a good bit of cash and be at the herablist. Using the edit skill function from the herablist action list, select the quest titled "????" and a popup interface will guide you the remainder of the process. As a sample, it costs $18,000 gold to remove one level from any given skill set around level 12.

    If you have a correction, would like to complete an unanswered question or another question not listed here pertaining to character creation, please submit it by cllicking here.

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