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 Post subject: Items
PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2006 11:50 am 
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What is the difference between Armor, Protector, and Garment equipment?
    Armor is rarely used as it is for high defense against strength builds. Wearing armor provides almost no defense against intelligence based builds. No bonus to attributes.

    Protector is a good choice typically as it provides a balance between melee and magical based attacks. A 10% mana reduction on abilities and 10% increase on movement speed is applied while wearing protector.

    The most common type of armor used is that of cloth garments. It provides a high level of defense against magical attacks allowing survival against magic based users. It is normally not a problem against strength based builds because they too use garment builds. A 20% mana reduction on abilities and 20% increase on movement speed is applied while wearing protector.

Can you wear one of each armor type and get all of the bonuses?
    No. Infact, you cannot put all three armor types on at one time. Even if you could, you have to be wearing a full set of armor to get the armor type bonus listed above.

What's the difference between a sword and a blade? (One-handed weapons)
    A sword is more focused towards magical damage where as a blade is more for physical damage.

What's the difference between a spear and a glaive? (Two-handed weapons)
    Similar to the scenario between a sword and blade, a spear is a magical preferred weapon where a glaive is a physical damage weapon. spear.

Who can use a shield?
    Anyone can use a shield, but only when not wielding a bow, glaive, or spear.

What are the advantages of using a one-handed weapon over a two-handed weapon?
    You can equip a shield as well if you use a one-handed weapon, providing much higher defense and the ability to block attacks efficiently.

What are the disadvantages of using a one-handed weapon over a two-handed weapon?
    It costs more money to maintain both a weapon and shield. Thus, you save money using a two handed weapon. Also, some two-handed weapons, such as the glaive and spear, have unique abilities which can be foreseen as game changing.

    The primary disadvantage of using a one-handed weapon is the difference in damage. Two-handed weapons do significantly more damage than their one-handed brothers.

What do all of the attributes on a weapon mean?
    The degree of an item is used to determine what degree lucky power to use for alchemy.

    The Phy. Damage attribute displays the physical damage range dealt by the weapon.
    Mag. Damage shows the magic damage range for the weapon.

    Parry is the level of damage mitigation, lowering the damage you take from other players or monsters. For example, if your weapon has a physical damage range of 201-267 and the object you are attacking has a high parry rating, your damage will be be on the bottom of the damage range, or the low 200s in this example.

    Attack Rating is the opposite of parry. The higher attack rating you have, the better chance of hitting your weapon's maximum damage vs the target's parry rating.

    The Block attribute is pretty self explanatory. The higher the rating, the better chance you have of blocking an attack.

    Durability is how much damage your item can take before breaking where it must be repaired to use again.

    An item's Critical rating is the chance of making a critical hit with your weapon during combat. When not being used with an ability, it basically translates into the percentage of critical hits you will make.

    Attack Distance is how far your character can be to attack your target.

    Phy. Absorb is the percentage of how much physical damage you can mitigate.

    Likewise, Mag. Absorb is the percentage of how much magical damage you can mitigate.

    Reduce status is the percentage of reduction which will be applied to any given effect listed there of.

    Phy. Reinforce is the chance percentage of change the physical damage will increase after a successful enchantment is applied. The higher, the better.

    Mag. Reinforce is the chance percentage of change the magical damage will increase after a successful enchantment.

    There are two other popular attributes on items that increase the performance and the price of the item. More commonly +1 +2 +3... +9 can appear next to the items name. These will also show up when an item has been successfully enchanted at times. This simply means the item stats are however many additions higher than the actual level. For example, if an item is level 10 and has a +2 on its name, it has the stats of a level 12 item but is not as good as level 12 item might be. The maximum an item can be upgraded is to +9. If a weapon, the item will gain a glow at specific intervals, such as +3 where it gains a shiny color.

    The more popular attribute of an item is a seal. Seal of Star, Seal of Moon, and Seal of Sun are effects that give the item an instinct glow and a large increase in item stats for it's level. These items only drop at specific levels, depending on the slot type. Expect to pay a premium when buying any seal item. These seals are also referred to as SoS, SoM, SoSun or SoX.

How important are potions?
    Very. Potions should be used mainly for efficiency to eliminate down time but they can be life-saving devices as well. In the event you are having to use potions to stay alive on a kill to kill basis, you should consider relocating to mobs more appropriate for your skill set.

Where can I buy potions?
    All towns have an alchemist. You can buy a variety of stackable potions from these vendors. Also, it is common for potions to drop from mobs and not all players use dropped potions so you can also buy potions from stalls.

Can I make my weapon and armor better?
    Yes! You can enchant your weapon and gear to have extra effects and statistics. Some items also come with effects that are usable by activating the item.

How do I enchant an item?
    With a corresponding elixir in the alchemy window.

How do I open the alchemy window?
    In the actions window, click the alchemy button. This will open a pane which allows you to apply an elixir by dragging the elixir from the left pane to the item in the right pane. You can also add a lucky power of equal degree in the slot after the item.

What is a degree?
    Each item is marked with a degree. A degree is similar to an item level, which increases for each town you advance to. Therefore, your elixir powder you enchant the item with must be of the same degree for the item to have the best chance of applying.

What does a powder do?
    Increases the chance of an enchantment taking hold.

Does that mean an enchantment can fail?
    Yes! The item can even break or lose stats. Each item can be marked as being steady, lucky, immortal, or astral.

    Steady means the item will not lose stats if the enchantment fails.
    Lucky means the item has a good chance of successfully enchanting
    Immortal means the item cannot break if the enchantment fails.
    Astral means if an item has an enchantment of more than +4, if an enchantment fails, it will go back to +4.

How much does an elixir cost?
    It depends on the server, as each server has it's own specific market. A weapon elixir can be worth up to 250,000 gold where as a shield elixir is more commonly priced at 25,000 gold.

Can you take an elixir off an item and use it on another item?

    What does repair invalid on an item mean?
      This mean the item will break and cannot be fixed when it's durability reaches 0. However, this does not suggest that it can be repaired before reaching 0, as it can never be repaired. This is an attribute on more rare drops from special mobs.

      If you have a correction, would like to complete an unanswered question or another question not listed here pertaining to character creation, please submit it by cllicking here.

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      PostPosted: Tue Jun 20, 2006 10:15 am 
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      The alchemy update is large enough to warrant a new FAQ but not for now...new addition of element changes, magical attributes, material disjoint, stone and potion production, etc. You can try to understand the alchemy update on the Silkroad Online site but it's complex Englenese is too much for me.

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