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 Post subject: Character Creation
PostPosted: Wed Apr 26, 2006 11:10 am 
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What is the difference between the servers?
    Absolutely nothing for the time being. All servers have the same rules and game play. They also maintain nearly the same population, completely full.

How many character combinations are there?
    There is a combination of 26 character races you can make, consisting of 13 male and 13 female. In addition to the races, there is a combination of 6 weapon types you can select. Post creation, there are 3 weapon archetypes and 4 force archetypes in which you can customize your character with. There is also three primary defensive gear types. Finally, there are two statistics which affect your characters hit points and mana pool which can be developed to your own taste.

    Total Pure Combinations: 11232

Is there a different between male and female characters?
    Yes! In Silkroad, armor pieces are not unisex. This means that shops and loot consists of gender specific gear. Therefore, if all of your friends are playing female characters, it might be advisable to play a male so that you get more loot. Other than gear and appearance, there are no differences.

Some of the character figures (races) don't look the same. What's the difference?
    The only difference is how they cosmetically look. All races have the same starting statistics and quests.

Does using the maximum height have any disadvantages?
    No. The smallest door in the game still has enough clearance for the largest of characters.

What's the difference between the starting cloth?
    The first set on the slider is armor. Armor is for absorbing physical damage in the game but poor at defending against magical attacks, or the equivalent of a tank.

    The second set is protector. Protector is a hybrid set of gear that is a balance of physical and magical damage protection, or similar to chain mail.

    The last set on the slider bar is garment. Garment gear provides high defense against magical attack while weak physical protection, or equivalent to cloth.

    More information on cloth types and what's best for your character can be found in the character build FAQ.

What's the difference between the weapons?
    The first choice on the slider bar provides you without any starting weapons.

    The second choice is a sword. Swords are best suited for use with magical attacks and allows the use of a shield for higher defense.

    The third selection is a blade. A blade is best equipped with a shield as well but is more suited toward physical damage.

    Next is the spear. A spear is a two-handed weapon suited for use with magical attacks. It also provides higher damage than the sword but lacks the ability to use a shield.

    Following the spear selection on the slider bar is the glaive. The glaive is two-handed as well but is best for physical attacks. It also provides higher damage output than it's family weapon, the blade, but disallows the use of a shield.

    The last weapon for selection is the bow. The bow is best suited for physical damage but can be used as a hybrid weapon.

    You can change weapons during game play to another type here listed but there aren?t additional weapon skill types in the game which aren?t selectable at character creation.

How many characters can I make on the same account?
    You can have up to three characters per server. You must create a new account (disadvantages) or delete a character and wait to make characters beyond the limit of three.

If I delete a character, can I get it back?
    Silkroad uses a different type system to control character deletion. Rather than using a confirmation window and risking the chance your account is sabotaged, characters must wait seven days before actually being deleted. During the seven day time period, you can restore your character at anytime from the selection screen. However, you cannot play the character during this time or make a new character so be sure to use your slots carefully.

    If you have a correction, would like to complete an unanwered question or another question not listed here pertaining to character creation, please submit it by cllicking here.

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