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Bush Family Cooperated with Hitler and bin Laden
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Author:  Yeorwned [ Wed Apr 16, 2008 11:54 am ]
Post subject:  Bush Family Cooperated with Hitler and bin Laden

lol I'm not going to reformat this but the content is interesting...

<p>There is a long history of cooperation between the Bush family and the Saudi Arabia elite. Is it a coincidence or a conspiracy is a question that has been posed for years now.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Everything started in the 1970s when the Bush family founded the <a href="http://mysite.verizon.net/ress3yvb/endtimeswatchermedia/id86.html"><strong><font>Arbusto Energy</font></strong> </a>company and the<IMG src="http://www.javno.com/slike/slike_3/r2/g2008/m03/y30166138894915713.jpg"> bin Ladens helped greatly with their money. The company dealt with oil, of course. The friendship between the two families, which are sworn enemies for the public, continued for decades. When George H. W. Bush became the director of the CIA in 1976, he helped train the guards of the Saudi royal family.</p>

<p><b>Terrorists evacuated after 9/11 attack</b><b>&nbsp;</b></p>
<p>But let us go a little forward in history. More precisely, the 9/11 terrorist attack on the WTC. Despite the fact that 15 of 19 attackers who piloted the planes were from Saudi Arabia, the White House ordered the <a href="http://tvnewslies.org/html/bin_laden_ties.html"><strong><font>evacuation</font></strong> </a>of the Saudis at that very time.</p>
<p><IMG src="http://www.javno.com/slike/slike_3/r2/g2008/m01/x66160074844483129.jpg">It might be an absurdity, but could also be true, says the author of the House of Bush, House of Saud book. Everything goes back to the long-term connection between the Bush clan and the Saudi royal family. It is rather difficult to get information about the friendship of the Bushs with their alleged enemies because most data have been taken off of the Internet.</p>
<p><b>George W. Bush’s grandfather financed Hitler</b><b>&nbsp;</b></p>
<p>The grandfather of George W. Bush was no exception. It has been rumoured for years that he helped the Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, and in a way helped him rise to power.</p>
<p>Prescott Sheldon Bush, a U.S. senator, was a shareholder and director of the Union Banking Corporation (UBC). According to <a href="http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2004/sep/25/usa.secondworldwar"><strong><font>archive documents</font></strong></a>, the company <a href="http://ecosyn.us/Bush-Hitler/Bush-Hitler.html"><font><strong>financed Hitler</strong></font> </a>during World War II and issued shares to Nazi leaders at a time when all international loans had been ceased in Germany.</p>

<p>Through Wall Street, Prescott took action and in<IMG src="http://www.javno.com/slike/slike_3/r2/g2008/m04/y166168454529912598.jpg"> cooperation with Himmler’s friend, Fridrich Flitch, secured Hitler access to international loans without which he never could have financed raw materials and weapons for the war.</p>
<p><b>Confiscation of Bush’s company’s shares</b><b>&nbsp;</b></p>
<p>Nine months after the United States declared war on Japan and Germany, citing the Trading with the Enemy Act, President Roosevelt ordered the confiscation of UBC shares. Several days later, the U.S. <IMG src="http://www.javno.com/slike/slike_3/r2/g2007/m04/x103136313270658075.jpg">president also ordered the confiscation of shares of the Silesian-American Corporation, the Holland American Trading Corporation and the Seamles Equipment Corporation which had been run for years by Prescott Bush and his brother-in-law, Walker Bush.</p>
<p>The cooperation between <a href="http://www.georgewalkerbush.net/bushnazidealingscontinueduntil1951.htm"><strong><font>Bush and Hitler</font></strong> </a>took place via a contract with German Steel and members of the National-Socialist Party travelled for free with Prescott’s Hamburg-America Line company. To make matters worse, the Americans supplied oil and weapons to Hitler, making loads of money from it.</p>
<p><b>Standard Oil Company also cooperated with I.G. Farben</b><b>&nbsp;</b></p>
<p>Even before World War II, the Standard Oil Company, which was managed and owned by the Rockefeller family, cooperated with I. G. Farben, a German chemical industry, and many joint<IMG src="http://www.javno.com/slike/slike_3/r2/g2007/m04/x75136504790269118.gif"> factories were located near concentration camps, including the controversial Auschwitz.</p>

<p>SS commander Himmler got money payments via secret Standard Oil accounts. Prisoners in the concentration camps were exploited as labour force in the factories and during the bombing of German cities, the Americans had to be careful not to drop bombs close to the chemical factories. The facilities remained intact even when most of Germany was reduced to rubble.</p>
<p><b>The reign of inseparable clans</b><b>&nbsp;</b></p>
<p>When George Herbert Walker Bush became the president of the United States in 1980, his estate was managed by William Farish III, the descendant of Farish I, who managed the Standard Oil of New Jersey consortium (today the Exxon company) as well as Hitler’s I.G. Farben company. The consortium actually opened Auschwitz with the aim of producing synthetic rubber.</p>
<p>The financing of the Nazis continued until 1944. After it came to light that Standard Oil was responsible, Farish was blamed, not <a href="http://www.ecosyn.us/Bush-Hitler/Rockefeller_Institute_for_Medical_Research_Eugenics.html"><font><strong>John D. Rockefeller</strong></font></a>. And the partnership between the clans continued probably to this day.</p>
<p>The U.S. Congress launched an investigation, but was evidently not very successful, since it was concluded when all leads stopped with the Farish family.</p>

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